This page is dedicated to the R6 branch of the EPRA, the official English Pool Referees association.


Players wishing to  become referees's should contact their county secretary's who in turn should contact the the regional secretary ( who will contact the regional representative.



Exams available are:

Grade D

  • Pass examination which qualifies refereeing at local level only.
  • Must be able to work under supervision at County level and some hotel type events.
  • After one year can apply for upgrading to C grade.
  • Examination takes about 3 hours. Full written and practical test

Grade E

  • Must pass the E grade examination which allows membership of the EPRA for an unlimited length of time (subject to renewing their membership).
  • First year to referee at local league matches only, and the second year may referee at County level under supervision.
  • The main entrance examination may be taken at any time.
  • Examination is multiple choice and takes about an hour

Current list of referees and Grades


Martin Pearson                 A                       Somerset

Ron Hyett                        B                      Cornwall

Dave Holden                    B                       Devon

Mark Compton                 B                       Dorset

Hayley Desmond              C                       Somerset

Martin Widgery                D                       IOW

Tim O'Donnell                  D                       Dorset

Emilio Palumbo                 D                       Somerset

Mick Dagostino                 D                      Bristol

Paul  Crook                      D                      Cornwall

Michaela Edwards              D                      Cornwall

Jamie Thompson               D                      Devon

Tony Coe                         D                       Somerset


Also Qualified but not eligible for refereeing county matches without the supervision of a referee from the above list

Vanessa Scott                  D                        Cornwall

Cat Sprackman                 D                       Somerset

Sam Sprackman               D                        Somerset

Ben Taylor                       D                        Devon

Graham Stevens               E                       IOW

Jenny Proudley                 E                       Dorset

Sandra Reed                   E                        Somerset

Sam Hewlett                    E                       Somerset

Emma Turner                   E                       Somerset

Nicky Moore                     E                       Cornwall

Hayley Marks                   E                       Somerset

Andrew Tonkin                E                       Devon

Marc Brayley                    E                       Devon

Tim Rogers                     E                        Somerset

Dave Gilbert                   E                        Devon

Josh Kiff                         E                        Devon

Charlie Dibble                E                        Devon